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Wax and Paint Sealant

car service worker applying nano coating on a car detail

At Suds and Sparkle Mobile Detailing, we’re firmly in the camp of people that believe that wax and paint sealant treatments are an absolute necessity if you care about the attractiveness of your vehicle. Vehicle paint is designed to be able to withstand day to day wear and tear that you’d expect with something like a car, but it’s going to need as much protection as possible if you want it to remain in its optimal condition. Regular wax and paint sealant treatments are the bread and butter processes in this regard, and if you’re neglecting them, you’re going to have a blemished and marked vehicle in no time. Once this happens, no amount of car detailing service will be able to reverse the situation. For any wax and paint sealant service needs, bring your vehicle in to Suds and Sparkle Mobile Detailing.

Preventing Substantial Problems

A lot of the time, we provide buffing and polishing service to help eliminate blemishes and marks, and this is possible because the damage that has been done to the vehicle isn’t substantial. This is the case because the vehicle in question has been treated regularly with wax and paint sealant. For cars that are left unprotected, more substantial damage is likely, and this cannot be overturned with car detailing when it’s allowed to happen – a restorative paint job will become necessary.

Protecting Investments

While cars are primarily a practical belonging, and are intended to get you from one location to the next, there’s no ignoring that they’re also an investment. It will have cost you a specific amount of money to purchase the vehicle, and further expenditures will have taken place with regard to fuel, cleaning treatments, general maintenance, and internal repairs – so you’ve probably poured quite a bit of money into your car. If you allow your car to get into such a damaged state that you’re no longer happy with it, you’ll have lowered the valuation enormously, and wasted your own money. Wax and paint sealants protect the exterior of the car, but they also protect your investment.

Vehicle Pride

We’ve spoken about cars as an investment, and as a practical purchase, but you can’t forget the enjoyment that people take from their vehicles as well. For many people, cars are a statement about themselves – about their tastes and personality – and if you have a marked and ugly vehicle, it’s going to negatively impact how you’re feeling. Take pride in your vehicle by keeping it in the best possible condition.

Cutting Costs

We’ve spoken about the risks present for those who do not invest in protections for their vehicle’s paint – and the likelihood that you’ll need to get a new paint job if you go down that path. What we’ve not spoken about is the cost of doing so. Make no mistake, comprehensive, high quality paint jobs aren’t cheap, they’re exorbitantly expensive. You could save yourself thousands of dollars in the future by putting a small amount of money upfront now.

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