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Exterior Detailing

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Exterior detailing is all about restoring the outside of your vehicle into a condition comparable to a factory finish. At Suds and Sparkle Mobile Detailing, we know how to handle exterior detailing to the highest standard – and we’re confident that you’ll be left thrilled with the work that we do on your car. Regular auto detailing is a must for anybody that cares about the state of their vehicle, and if you don’t make the effort to invest in such a service on a regular basis, more extensive damage and deterioration is an inevitability. You can find out plenty more information on this service provision, and the advantages of exterior detailing, by reading on below. Alternatively, if you’d like to arrange an appointment with one of our teams, our customer service team is available on the phone.

Alloys and Tires

One of the areas that our exterior detailing service covers is the vehicles wheel area. That means a thorough clearing and cleaning of the alloys and tires. Many people make the mistake of thinking that these are only a functional aspect of the car – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have an unkempt, unclean looking vehicle, it’s likely that a big part of the reason it doesn’t look good are the tires and alloys. We’ll polish and degrease alloys and restore the blackness of your tires through the use of special solutions.

Vehicle Handwashing

At our company, we believe that to achieve a true vehicle masterpiece, you cannot use mechanical or automatic car washers. Only handwashing a vehicle can achieve the kind of finish that is a minimum requirement at our business. We’ll have the exterior of your car sparkling and gleaming by the end of our time washing it – you’ll think it’s only recently rolled out of factory production line.

Polishing and Buffing

If a meticulous handwashing is of critical importance for a vehicle’s exterior, then the buffing and polishing that comes afterwards is equally crucial. Having removed any impurities through cleaning wax, we’ll then buff and polish the car’s exterior, removing fine lines on the surface of the paint that build up over time. This effect is reminiscent of a cobweb, and can really lower the visual performance of the vehicle in question. Once we’re done with these processes, there will be a seamless, shiny surface for you to enjoy. Only with careful handwashing, polishing, and buffing is this kind of final outcome possible.

Waxing and Window Cleaning

Now that the vehicle’s paint has been treated to a thorough cleaning and polishing, it’s time to give extra protection to the surface. We use specialist wax products to help safeguard your vehicle from blemishes and marks that would otherwise impact the paint surface. Of course, we’ll also take care of the car’s windows as well – when these are dirty and covered in debris, it really reduces the aesthetic quality of the vehicle in question. As you can surely tell at this point, our exterior detailing service is comprehensive.

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